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Monica Jordan

Monica Jordan’s Brief Bio

Monica is committed to tailoring strategies for bringing mindfulness into everybody’s unique life experience. Regardless of the circumstances that we are surrounded by, we can always tap into our inner power, and develop emotional self-regulation and equanimity to see every situation as an opportunity for growth.

Monica holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) and a Master's Certificate in Mind, Brain and Teaching (MCMBT) from Johns Hopkins University. In this program, Monica focused her research review on the mechanisms involved in allostatic load, the consequences of stress overload on the nervous system, and the impact it has on mood, learning, behavior, executive function and well being as well as the effectiveness of Mindfulness as an intervention to ameliorate and even transform our reaction to stressors.

Apart from offering 27 years of teaching experience for adolescents and adults, Monica is the creator of a 2-level, research-based course for adults - Level 1: 18 hours, Level 2: 24 hours - called “Neurobiology of Stress Management - Mindfulness and Meditation Tools for Resilience” which she currently teaches to integrate brain science and Mindfulness, and raise awareness of one's experience, restructure the architecture of the brain through neuroplasticity, develop habits of mind to handle stressors, and bring joy and vibrancy into one’s life.

She leads these courses at InnerSource Inc., a holistic clinic in Annapolis, MD. Monica offers workshops, talks and seminars including Mindfulness for Educators, Mindfulness for Heath Care Professionals, and workshops on Mindful Parenting, Mindfulness for Adolescents and Mindful Communication.

Monica is the Editor and Spanish Program Coordinator for Tara Brach’s Dharma Talks and Meditations. Tara Brach is a psychologist, author and leading teacher of meditation recognized worldwide, as well as the founder of The Insight Meditation Community of Washington D.C. (IMCW).

Monica offers free Mindfulness Meditations and Talks at the Wellness House of Annapolis and, free - open to the public - Mindfulness Meditation and Talks at Kol Shalom also in Annapolis.

You can read Monica’s full experience and education history at Linkedin, Monica Jordan Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher.


Monica Jordan


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