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Workshops and Courses for 2019

Courses in Neurobiology of Stress Management and the Mind ~ Body in January & March of 2018

Courses in January 2019
and Beyond on
Neurobiology of Stress Management
Mindfulness and Meditation
Tools for Wellbeing
The Mind ~ Body Connection

 Neurobiology of Stress

Specializing in Chi Nei Tsang

Specializing In:  
Therapeutic Massage
Relax and De-Stress
With Cathy Sanders, LMT
at InnerSource inc.

Therapeutic Massage

Free Sessions in 2019 on the 2nd Thursday of every month

Mindfulness & Meditation
For 2019
Embrace Mindfulness
Resources for Conscious Living
Two Mindfulness Components to Freedom


Abby's Book on Transforming your life

A Video Blog on: Lasting Transformation




Groups and Trainings are held at InnerSource, Inc.: A Center for Psychotherapy and Healing,
980 Awald Road, Annapolis, MD 21403.

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