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Different Approaches

by Mary Lee Zetter

No two people are the same.

The same "problem" in two people may have entirely different causes; certainly it will require entirely different approaches in order to change.

Over years of helping people to solve personal problems, develop new approaches to living, loving and relating, or to healing themselves physically and emotionally, we have found four basic approaches to be consistently helpful.

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy with an emphasis on cognitive reconstruction including Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) and Neural-linguistic programming (NLP) to change ideas attitudes, and memories and thus solve problems. Behind these approaches is
a thorough understanding of Freud, Jung, and other great thinkers on the causes and treatment of behavior problems. These ideas are still useful and valid and are utilized in all the work we do.

Hypnosis: Mysterious hypnosis. Get ten hypno-therapists together and you will get 100 different ideas about what it is and how it works. At AMBI, hypnosis is a tool the oldest most reliable method of integrating mind and body. We use a variety of induction, tailored to the individual to assist this union and promote change and healing.

Energy Work: We believe that the body is material and energy. Change either, and you change the other The energy field around the body can be utilized for diagnosis as well as treatment. Currently there are many approaches to using energy to heal. We use what works for the individual to affect change.

Body Work: Psychotherapy and energy approaches start with ideas, memories, and energy constellations and often end up with changes in the body. At AMBI, we have found that the body-its aches, pains, and distorted movements and postures- provide fast access and clues to the base causes of emotional and behavioral problems. We are very eclectic using massage and manipulation from Feldenkrais , bio-energetics, to Egoscue's simple but effective extended moving program to affect change quickly, and to extend that change in and through the areas listed above.

We are deeply interested in the current resurgence of interest in shamanism, and other spiritual approaches to living and loving.

If you think we can help, call us, you will find friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people ready to provide coaching, support, training and interest in your needs and desires.



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