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Healing Trauma With HMR
By Mary Lee Zetter, LCSW-C
InnerSource Psychotherapist

sunsetThe journey we embark on through psychotherapy, bodywork, and other life-changing therapies usually involves addressing pain, illness, or other kinds of trauma.

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is a body-mind therapy that allows quick access to past memories and complete resolution of the painful emotions or physical discomfort associated with these memories. HMR was developed by Brent Baum, a former Catholic priest, archeologist, and bioenergetics therapist. Using HMR, Baum has helped thousands of people heal from trauma, including victims of the Oklahoma City federal building and 9/11 attacks.

It doesn’t take a catastrophe or attack to be traumatized, however. Any painful experience in our lives precipitate an “encoding” of the overwhelming feelings, resulting in the storage of trauma. In a fraction of a second, all the feelings, perceptions of the overwhelming feelings are captured in our bodies.

HMR is a therapeutic method I use to help people to access memories and difficult life events with out becoming lost in a flood of feelings. When working with HMR to release this pain, whether it be emotional or physical, most people report a sense of peace and forgiveness and a healing of physical discomfort. In addition, there is a positive shift in the energy fields of the body, often experienced as a tingling in the hands and feet.

HMR is an effective treatment for chronic pain, depression and anxiety, and even allergies. One Christmas, I worked with a woman who had an allergic reaction to her Christmas tree the previous three years. HMR allowed us to identify and work with her emotional reaction to a hysterectomy she experienced during the holiday season three years previous. She was able to release the complex memory, emotional, and physical reactions she had stored up over losing her uterus.

A ghost of Christmas past had, quite literally, caused her allergy! Since, she has been delighted to find that she can trim her tree with no sneezing. Holographic Memory Resolution is a non-traumatizing body-mind approach which resolves frozen feelings trapped in the unconscious and physical body. Employing both a verbal component and a simple electromagnetic field technique, it facilitates the resolution of “somatic (body) memory,” thereby disarming the “triggers” that foster pain, flashback, and relapse.

The therapist’s role is to work with the cues presented by the person, provide support, and help reframe the trauma to neutralize pain. After completing the process, the individual will experience the resolved memory without triggering the original painful feelings. This opens a natural path toward forgiveness while integrating and learning the spiritual lessons inherent in trauma.

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